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Louis C.K. Is Releasing His First Movie on his Site for Only 5 Dollars

tomorrownight_poster_largeLouis C.K. wrote and directed a movie called Tomorrow Night in 1998 that didn’t see much play outside of the film festival circuit…until now. He is going to upload it to his website today using is incredibly successful $5 DRM (Digital Rights Management) free model. DRM is the lockout software that makes it so hard to watch that movie you bought on Itunes so hard to play on anything else. This $5 dollars give you the rights to watch, download, put it on your phone whatever you want. So if you are a fan of Louis C.K. and want to pick this up, or any of his stand up specials for the same great price, click the link below and support a great comedian and a fantastic distribution model.

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Source: Louis C.K.

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