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Movie: New Jupiter Ascending Promo

I have not really been following Jupiter Ascending very much, but from the latest promo I think it is looking good. What are your thoughts?

Jupiter Ascending poster
“Jupiter Ascending focuses on Mila Kunis’ Jupiter Jones, a young woman who was born with signs predicting great things. But as an adult, a series of bad breaks have led to her gig cleaning other people’s houses. Then Caine (Channing Tatum) comes a-calling, rescuing her when some very nasty medical types discover who she really is and attempt to terminate her.
Swept up into a huge struggle for the future of the solar system and our world in particular, Jupiter learns that she’s in line to be the owner of the Earth as part of a complicated hierarchy that stretches between the stars. Sadly for our heroine, some very powerful and dangerous people are also laying claim to her birthright. The new trailer has some extra shots of fancy effects creatures and vistas, proving that there was definitely still work to be done. “



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