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MST3K Returns With Casting News

12240004_10154376173983135_5346919476402516961_nMystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back! The Kickstarter has been a success so far, reaching its 2 million dollar goal, and with less than a million to go before reaching the stretch goal for three more episodes.

Now that the series is confirmed, there’s some important casting news. While nothing is official until the Kickstarter closes, we now know who’s interested and willing to join the crew.

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f0cc46d3d17174502f15c57957f7e434_originalFirst and foremost, we have the new members aboard the Satellite of Love. Jonah Ray has been announced as the next host of MST3K. More recently announced is the news that comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn have been invited to join as the voices of the ‘bots, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

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150615_day-352-1940x1293Of course, there would be no Mystery Science Theater without the Mad Scientist to force the poor schlubs to sit through bad movies (for the sake of SCIENCE, of course), and the new Mad has also been announced: Felicia Day will be playing the part of Kinga Forrester, daughter of the original Mad, Dr. Clayton Forrester. She’ll be bringing back the experiments her father started and her grandmother continued.

According to Joel’s post on the MST3K Kickstarter: “Felicia’s secret power might be that she is fine being an outsider. And I also just think she can pull off being likable, intimating and ‘crazy’ all at the same time: a total wild card! As the next Mad, she’s gonna need all that and more.”


However, the casting isn’t done yet. After all, a Mad Scientist needs an assistant. From TV’s Frank to Bobo and Brain Guy, there’s always been a lackey backing up the Mad. So who will that be? No one’s been cast yet, so there’s more news to come. (If I had to make a casting suggestion, though, I’d say… call me, Joel, I can hench like no other henchman can.)

If you haven’t yet, you can contribute to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter, and keep an eye out for any news about more episodes and casting.

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