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“Red Dwarf” Set for 11th Season

Although it started back in 1988, “Red Dwarf” has had an interesting “on and off” in regards to its seasons, ending only to come back years later. Thus, in the 24 years it’s been around (1988-2012) it’s only had 10 seasons, if “Back To Earth” can even be counted as a season. However, it looks like the ship’s 3 million year journey back to Earth isn’t finished yet, as there are talks of a new season.


“Red Dwarf” is a British sci-fi comedy, featuring Dave Lister, a chicken soup machine repairman and the last living human, after he was put in suspended animation on board the mining ship Red Dwarf, and the rest of the crew was killed by a radiation leak. Released from suspended animation 3 million years later, his only company is Holly, the ship’s AI, Rimmer, his beyond-annoying bunkmate, and the humanoid descendant of his cat. The crew is later joined by the android Kryten, and for a few seasons, an alternate universe’s version of Lister’s crush, Kristine Kochanski.

It ran for eight seasons, with a three-part miniseries “Back To Earth” airing in 2009, a good ten years after the last episode. (However, let’s try to forget that season as the squid-induced nightmare that it was.) A tenth series, the six-episode “Red Dwarf X” aired in 2012.


So far, there’s only been talks of an eleventh season, but according to What Culture, the new season is confirmed with a filming date. Shooting is scheduled to begin in October, so the new season is currently set to air in Autumn of 2015.

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It’s been decades since the Red Dwarf first began the long journey home, but in the context of the series, it’s perfectly reasonable for the same characters to be on the same ship with the same goal, but still growing older. Early on in the series, flashes to the future showed an old Lister lying in bed on the Red Dwarf, so we know they’ll be on board for quite some time. They’re traveling light-years back to Earth, so the crew will age naturally while traveling, while still being, well, on the Red Dwarf; it’s not like a series where the characters never age or develop. While 26 years may be a long time for viewers, for the characters on the Red Dwarf, it’s just a small portion of the long journey home, and it’ll be great to join them on it once again.



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