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Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service

OK, here is short review of Kingsman: The Secret Service.  As usual for my reviews it will not only be brief, but spoiler free!!!

There was no Kingsman standee so “Spy” had to stand in 😉

We gathered at the AMC 16 Bay Street in Emeryville.  This is a relatively new theater in the shopping complex next to Ikea and scant blocks from Pixar.  Generally a nice place to see movies as there is safe covered parking and plenty of good places to eat.  Being this was for Kingsman, we had to dress formally…remember; Manners maketh man.


Since we had put together a group to see the film, Kitten Speaks Geek and myself showed up a bit early.  We decided to do some shopping at Barnes and Noble where we ended up scoring two super rare chase mystery figures from  Funko’s SciFi Mystery Mini Collection and Funko’s DC Comics Mystery Mini set.  So basically already being up $100.00 for the night was pretty awesome.  Kitten wanted to attribute this to luck while conveniently ignoring the fact I pointed out both boxes with the chase figures she bought 😉

Now onto the movie…based on the production team and the early trailers, I had high hopes for this movie.  It basically looked like a Bond film, but the kind of Bond film we haven’t been treated to in a long while.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Daniel Craig well enough as Bond, but there is this certain sense of style missing from the newer movies that made the Sean Connery era movies so slick.  Style certainly was one thing NOT missing from Kingsman.  The film partnered up with several prestige brands to outfit the cast. Matthew Vaughn went to Mr.,  an award-winning global retail destination for men’s style, the site sells over 300 leading international brands.  Bremont Watches, George Cleverley, shirts, and silk ties from Drake’s among others. You can read the whole story on assembling the style guide for Kingsman here.

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From Mr. Porter;

…When Mr Matthew Vaughn came to us with the script for Kingsman: The Secret Service, we jumped at the chance to work with him and costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips on a first-of-its-kind “costume to collection”. Our aim was to ensure the clothes in the film not only served their part for the characters of the story, but also created a unique collection that really stood out from the norm.

The rest of our crew joined us, we grabbed seats in the theater and anxiously awaited the movie to start.  It didn’t BREATHLESS_EPISODE1_02take long to be reassured this would be the movie we hoped it would be.  The opening scene featuring Jack Davenport (Talented Mr. Ripley) was great!  All out action with flair and the sense of humor we can expect from Millar and Vaughn.  Admittedly I have not read Kingsman: The Secret Service comic,  although after the movie I certainly plan to.  Kingsman is full of great moments that make you want to go right back into the theater and see the film a second time.  Some of the actions scenes have so much going on you just can’t take it all in the first time out.  The film also has no shortage of laugh out loud moments to keep things light.  However, in true Millar fashion just when you’re on a high he has the knack of pulling the rug out from under your feet and surprising you with some pretty hardcore and emotionally charged episodes.  Millar paraphrased a quote from Kubrick about movies awhile back while promoting Kick Ass 2, while I feel that film fell short on his promise, Kingsman made up for it in spades.

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Kubrick said that a great movie has eight terrific moments. I lay in bed this morning and counted fourteen genuine movie-moment scenes. You can look at the book and probably guess these, but they’re articulated so beautifully.

I highly recommend going out and seeing Kingsman, it is a fun ride full of great performances.  It is clearly set up for a sequel and I am fully prepared to be waiting in line for Kingsman II when it comes out!

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