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This will be a brief spoiler free review!

I was a bit bored and biding my time before East Bay Comic Con tomorrow so Agent P and myself decided to take in a matinee of The 5th WaveI didn’t realize it was based on a book series, a “young adult” series at that, but it became readily apparent not that far into the movie.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I loved the Hunger Games and thought Maze Runner was decent.  By and large though a lot of those tween movies are rushed into production or have weak stories to begin with so it was a pleasant surprise to enjoy 5th Wave.

Fifth-Wave-1Genre sweetheart Chloe Moretz starred as Cassie, a high school student who has to do a whole lot of growing up in a short time to try and protect her family from an alien invasion.  The way the initial waves were shown in the movie did a good job of relaying the hopelessness that humanity was facing.  Stark sets and clever cinematography helped set the mood appropriately. It had sort of a “Last of Us” vibe.

One third of the obligatory love triangle Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) was a sincere and believable as “Zombie”.  Alex Roe (The Fugitives, Rings) did a good job of a complex role having to play more than one side of a coin.  Rounding out the cast we were happy to see Ron Livingston (Office Space) and scene stealer Maika Monroe, who strangely enough will be facing even MORE alien invaders in the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence this Summer.

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The effects were decent, the story moved along and was paced well.  If I had to pick any fault it was the 201309-omag-books-5th-wave-284xfallEmpire Strikes Back ” to be continued” ending, but what can you expect from a book trilogy that isn’t finished yet?  I would recommend checking out The 5th Wave if you are into the sci-fi genre and don’t take offense to a little bit of romance and teen angst thrown in for good measure.  I’m looking forward to the next installment in the movie series and reading the Rick Yancey novels when the last one is released this May.

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