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Review: The Interview


Just got back from doing our part for free speech.  Agent P, Kitten Speaks Geek, and myself all went out to see The Interview at the theater.  We considered streaming it, but after the issues with the PSN we just decided to make an outing and go see it in a sit down theater.  Right off the bat I want to say I had extremely low expectations.  I like James Franco in some things, but the stuff he does with Seth Rogen is very hit and miss for me.  Regardless of not expecting to like the film, we felt it was important to give it a shot.  What happened to this release was unprecedented.  Never has there been a cyber-incursion of this magnitude and never has that almost lead to a major film studio almost pulling the movie.  What other movie has had the President of the United States make a speech concerning it’s status.  We’re glad Sony decided to step up and release the film.  Kudos to the theater chains that supported free speech and this release.  We also wanted to say “suck it” to North Korea…we don’t need anyone telling us what entertainment we can and can’t see.  So now onto the review, in short I liked the movie.  I thought it was going to be inane, crass, and all together tasteless…and I was largely correct, but they took a one joke premise and built an entertaining movie around it.  James Franco was convincing as the self absorbed talk show host Dave Skylark, Seth Rogen played more of the straight man role this time out, but still had some great scenes.  There were multiple laugh out loud moments for all of us, but the tiger scene had the whole audience in stitches.  This is not fine cinema by any stretch…if you are expecting thoughtful humor like Being There or satire like Pitch Perfect this isn’t the film for you…it’s much more like Hot Tub Time Machine or Superbad where they take a joke and run all the way with it…and by all the way I mean nothing is off limits!  The film is definitely funny, definitely offensive, and definitely worth the watch!

When SkullDouggary told me he wanted to see the film this weekend because we should support free speech I will admit I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing the film. It hadn’t been on my radar to see before all the drama and I wasn’t jumping to see it afterwards, but I agreed with his sentiment. I have liked some of the James Franco movies but not that many of them. I will say I really enjoyed the film. It was funny. It had a lot of funny jokes that kept me interested. I was a little afraid it was going to stick to lots and lots of drug jokes and not be new and inventive. The film instead had a lot of different jokes, attacked all different subjects with hilarious intents and made for a good time. I am definitely glad that I went and saw it because I laughed a lot and I like to laugh. – KittenSpeaksGeek


Got to go see The Interview today. Went to see it based on principle and hype that it was not going to be available. I was not expecting much from the film. In my area Google only had the film showing in 3 theatres. But when we were deciding where to see it, we only found it showing in one location. It was a fun film with politically incorrect going every which way. Over all I found it entertaining. – Agent P

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