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Review: The Purge: Election Day

As always I try to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible, I do go into some minor details, but for anything major I’ll put up a SPOILER WARNING for you.

We were able to acquire some extra passes to a press screening of The Purge: Election Day from our friends over at  We 10931440_765173613520341_2651878196200112392_nwent out to a British pub for some traditional bad service and darts before the show.  I’m reluctant to say this, but I must honor my journalistic integrity by telling the whole story, I was on both teams that won in the dart competition…I’m not saying I’m Bullseye, but people have never seen him and myself in the same room at the same time 😉  I will also mention we were damn tempted to “dine and dash” after being unable to locate our server and asking for our bill from no less than three other workers…seems like they wanted some anarchy out of us.  Long story short, our waitress QUIT right in the middle of her shift and no one knew where the bill was…she took it to the man!  We made it to the screening with time to spare and grabbed decent seats for our entire posse.If you’ve seen the Purge movies, then you know it’s best to travel in numbers.


I’m relatively happy with the Purge series, I thought the first was original if a little low budget.  The second one didn’t sit as well for me, I thought they went to some places they really didn’t need to.  This installment definitely had a larger budget and a pretty decent plot.  This third movie starred Frank Grillo (Winter Soldier, Civil War, Beyond purge 1Skyline) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, V, Revolution)  Mitchell plays a Senator who, after experiencing tragedy during the purge 18 years prior, is hell bent on purging the purge from America.  There was a great supporting cast lead by Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump, The Fugitive TV series, Con-Air) as a neighborhood deli store owner who just wants to be left to his piece of the pie and Betty Gabriel (who also stars in Beyond Skyline with Grillo) as a reformed young tough who now rolls around on Purge night in an armored ambulance helping people.  I hope to see more from Betty in the future, she made the best of her scenes and had a quiet intensity that was perfect for her character.  If you’re a geek like me you look for actors who could play heroes or villains in anything you see and she would make a great Misty Knight or pretty much any badass comic heroine.

The movie is written and directed by James DeMonaco who has done both other entries in the series.  Some of his dialog was a little stilted, and the street colloquialisms were downright silly (but entertaining).  There is one thing they didn’t mess around with, and that this was class The-Purge-Election-Year-Afişwarfare and DeMonaco had no trouble pointing his finger straight at the 1%.  There were a few great scenes where those who had it coming, got it…and they got it big time much to the applause of the audience.  There was even a great little ‘Murica moment for all the flag wavers to get excited about 😉  We all had fun and agreed this was probably the strongest story of the whole series, but still think the originality of the first one wins out.

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We still had some fuel in our tanks so we decided to all go out to Leatherby’s Creamery  for some much needed frozen treats (its as hot as Mustafar up here!) where we got a tour of the sub-zero ice-cream freezer that would make Mr. Freeze jealous.  All in all an awesome night regardless of what we thought of the movie.  I won’t go into the street fight we witnessed at Dutch Bros. AFTER ice-cream…I guess sometimes you just need to know when to call it a night 😉

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