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RiffTrax Launches Kickstarter for Four Live Events: The Crappening

RiffTrax Live is ready to return in 2015, with four new events for some gloriously bad movies. The only catch is: these things aren’t cheap. That’s why RiffTrax is once again launching a Kickstarter campaign for the four live shows, lovingly dubbed “The Crappening.”

The campaign is to gain the funds to acquire the rights to the movies, as well as the production costs for the shows. Backers receive an assortment of rewards, starting with a collection of shorts and some thanks on the website, all the way up to the right to write a riff for the live show, or an autographed script from one of the performances. Of course, the greater rewards have a much higher price tag, as is the way of RiffTrax.

If all goes well, the RiffTrax crew will take on cult classic of bad movies “The Room,” followed by “Sharknado 2,” sequel to the first movie about sharks in a tornado, which they previously riffed, and is now available to download from their website. Following that is “Miami Connection,” and ending for the holiday season with “Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny,” a horrifying Christmas movie that has to be seen to be believed, but sadly cannot be unseen afterwards.

You can check out the Kickstarter here, and see more from RiffTrax at

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