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Film: Rita Repulsa Revealed

Looks like Entertainment Weekly dropped Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ villain Rita Repulsa on fans.



With a green, dragon-esque look to her, Rita is completely (for lack of a better word) morphed from how she was in the 1993 classic of MMPR.

Rita Repulsa

Yes, she is based on the Super Sentai villain first since, after all, Power Rangers was nothing more than an American adaptation of a Japanese kids show. However, since it is going to be a Power Rangers movie, that’s all I am going to talk about.

I will be honest, the look does little for me other than to hint that she is going to release the Green Ranger powers of fan favorite, Tommy Oliver. Otherwise, X-Men made a villain that looked more like he was from Power Rangers in Ivan Ooze, I mean Apocalypse.


Ah who cares about him anyway? Everyone is going to see Magneto.

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