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Solo Follow up

In the words of Luke Cage, “Sweet Christmas.”

Indie Wire has reported that Solo dropped 65 percent leading to it only making about 264 million over the course of two weeks globally.


And YouTubers are quick to say who did it.

ComicArtistPro Secrets, Geeks+Gamers, Mike Zeroh, 3 Buck Theater, WorldClassBullshitters, StarWarsOnly, and FINALLY John Campea (who has admitted he doesn’t like the prequels, the 3D Clone Wars, and is shaky on Rebels which means he just like the OT and new stuff(?) and who some have called a shill) seem to be blaming Disney and Kathleen Kennedy more specifically for the failing of the new Solo movie since, after the controversial Last Jedi, has not been  well received by fans.

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If you need proof, just look at a few reviews by…MauLer, Armoured Media, Jenny Nicholson, Doug and Rob Walker, Angry Joe and Co., and Andre only to name a few. Just for fun, go see what Kylo Ren thinks

You know you have done something special when someone makes a 50 minute, well edited, video explaining how and why your movie is a failure and it is cheap and does not make sense within the confines of its own narrative.

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And while, I not only find the movie palatable, but fun, more and more people are using Solo‘s financial risk as a reason to just throw Kathleen Kennedy under the bus.

Through this onslaught of nonsense, there is moviebob who claims it has nothing to do with the writing, or backlash from TLJ, or even that Solo is bad. It is just bad timing, there is a ceiling for spinoffs making money, and it is an okay movie.


Here’s the thing. Maybe that could be true, but Rogue One was essentially the same thing. It came off  the heels of a fun, if not super original, Force Awakens, but R1 found a way to make 1 billion worldwide according to thewrap. By very real comparison, Solo has about 150 million (rounding up) over ten says while R1 simply made 155 million in its opening weekend.

With that being said, both sides needs to start looking at this maturely. The ones who have done nothing but throw more kerosene on a burning ship need to see if Disney stops making Star Wars, that’s it, no more Star Wars. And moviebob, JJ Abrams (yeah I wrote that), Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, need to stop alienating fans. Whether they are white or they like the Original trilogy, or like the prequels or want robots, or like the Old Republic….Rian…!

There is nothing wrong with telling new stories or even showing us something about old stories that we have never seen as an audience. Rogue One did an amazing job at it. I enjoyed Solo‘s take on things as well. Enough of the fan base did not. With that being said, Disney and Kathleen Kennedy needs to do what listen to fans. According to one of the writers of Solo, they are listening.

Then listen, Disney. You did something irrevocable by killing Luke and almost punishing fans by telling us to let the past die, kill it if you have to.  And then Solo was released both celebrating and rewriting the past.

That is a bit of a tone shift. Fans want to see our heroes succeed. We want to see Luke be a Jedi Grand-master. We want to see some new stories…maybe some Old ones…of an old republic…Nah that’ll never make money…MAKE IT DISNEY. And we would like to see where Rey and Finn and Poe go without having to piss on the heroes we used to love.

To quote someone very wise

We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people, all through our lives. And that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear…
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Fans remember. And there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. Celebrate the past. Forge a fun future. If you listen to the needs of the fans with legitimate grievances, that is how change is made. When Marvel made mistakes with Thor: The Dark World, fans complained, and Marvel listened. And that is how Thor: Ragnarok was made.

Though, I will agree with HiTop, Thor 1 is the best.

This all is to say. Solo is still fun. I won’t back down on it, but the casual fan really doesn’t seem interested, and the fanbase that used to come out in troves is now mellowed out. And Disney has to make some real changes when it comes to Star Wars. It needs to take a hard look at itself and ask themselves the big questions. What is Star Wars? And what do they want its legacy to be?

For a look at my previous look at Solo, click here (SHAMELESS PLUG!)

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