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Solo’s Bumpy Takeoff

Now, I will preface this article by saying that the beast that is Star Wars is a complicated and maybe just maybe a casual fan who likes almost every Star Wars movie to date, but who has not read every single canon and non-canon novel, might not fully qualified to comment on Solo.

But how 71% is one of the lowest rankings for a modern Star Wars movie. Even Revenge of the Sith has a higher score. A myriad of complications and setbacks behind the screen could not help this movie. From extensive reshoots that doubled the cost of the movie, to changing of directors, and coming off of a divisive movie like The Last Jedi even Epicstream claiming TLJ caused the lower than expected box office .


The similarities to this movie and The Justice League did not go unnoticed by Grace Randolf of Beyond the Trailer who noted that the numbers of Solo were similar to Justice League along with the other coincidences mentioned above. With under 200 million worldwide, according to BoxOfficeMojoSolo is every bit showing signs of Star Wars fatigue as it were, or at the very least that fans want more from their Star Wars. If you do not take my word for it, look no further than Bernie Burns, one of the founding members of Rooster Teeth, saying on the RT Podcast, “I didn’t even know the Solo was coming out this month” when asked if there were too many Star Wars movies; he even agreed there were too many of them.

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Which leads to some YouTubers counter with there is not Star Wars Fatigue, it is the problem of identity politics, doesn’t develop anyone, blaming Kathleen Kennedy and the Kasdans (and good heavens are people blaming Kathleen Kennedy), and of course the SJW droid as some have been known to call L3-37, and the pansexuality of Lando, which was started by the HuffingtonPost, but his sexuality only seemed to become an issue for some as on one hand he supposedly seemed straight, and to paraphrase Tamara from Channel Awesome pointed out, What is the point of bringing up his sexuality if you aren’t going to show the audience?

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And we can blame problems on the set or even Disney Executive’s blaming Avengers and Deadpool 2, and while Screenrant is wrong to say Solo and spinoffs are better than the episodic Star Wars, the truth is that Solo does deserve better.

Solo is a fun ride from beginning to end. Fans seem to complicate things in a very weird way. Did we get to see something that resembled Han Solo? Yes we did. Was the ride fun? Was Lando fun? Was Chewie fun? All yes.

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We had the privilege of being reinvited to a world we all knew. And there were ups and downs, but it is fun. Mistakes in this movies were made, but we can’t force blame onto Ron Howard like Kathleen Kennedy or even blame Kathleen Kennedy herself or say that is isn’t your Solo movie.

The movie is a movie. If The Last Jedi had not happened, maybe fans would not be so sour, but it is more than palatable. If I could recommend anything, go see it on a 6 dollar movie day, but see it on a big screen.


Going forward, LucasFilm only needs to do one thing. Do as RDJ says, Listen to your fans. Don’t be like Rian Johnson. Otherwise, you really will find yourself in a position where there is no recovering.

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