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Terminator Genisys Trailer 2

When it comes to being badass, The Terminator knows how to do it. The trailer gave a lot to mull over. Jo is now a Terminator, or at very least a villain. What might be at play though might be far more sinister. Who made him this way? Most likely SkyNet.

But more than that, we have two T-800’s, a T-1000, a super-powered John Conner, and a war in the future. This movie trailer puts the idea of young Sarah, a younger John, the process of fate versus choice, and a change.

Instead of just John sending Terminators to save Sarah, something else is clearly at play. What? Who knows? But it is good to see they  are trying something new instead of just doing the old rinse and repeat formula. How that plays out, only time will tell because there is a lot of risk of making John the villain, much like Man of Steel took risk to have Superman kill Zod. And yet, it could all very well be for the best.

Let’s see what lies in store for this movie

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