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TV: Is Gotham Going TO Borrow Joker Back Story From The Killing Joke? Also New Featurette

We all  know that the Joker has one of the best back stories, well actually we don’t as we never really got a definitive one from any storyline. In an attempt to keep up the tradition of the mysterious background of the Joker, Gotham is going to introduce a potential character that can turn out to be him in every episode of the first season.


Heller teased this in the featurette where he says “You do not want to miss an episode, because you may miss meeting The Joker for the first time.”


Now, knowing this and a bit about the pilot episode you would learn Jon Beavers plays the character of a stand up comedian (pictured above) that witnesses  a horrific act of violence and it doesn’t really bother him. Now we know this is just probably the first of the potential joker characters to be seen in the first season, but it would be awesome if they did pull the joker out of the pages of The Killing Joke! But then again who knows this just could be a happy coincident.

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 Also here is a new Featurette:

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