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Doctor Who Launches New Season 9 Trailer

With just slightly over a month until the new season of Doctor Who hits the air, fans are on the lookout for any new news or screenshots that may provide an idea of what to expect in future episodes. Well, a new trailer has just launched, and it’s a doozy.

While most of the actclaraanddaleksion happens in just split-second clips, tantalizing our collective curiosities with all that they could be, we can catch glimpses of some familiar faces. Of course we get Clara and the Doctor, not to mention several Daleks, but we see glimpses of Maisie Williams as a still-unknown character, a Zygon or two, and – back from the dead – The Mistress.


In-between all the action and hype, we now have new questions to ponder. We knew that Missie would be coming back somehow (s/he always does somehow), but now we have amazing new aliens to look forward to, including a fire-breathing lion-esque one that could be a classic Who alien known as a Tharil.maisieandlion

In fact, the Nerdist uses the similarity to draw an interesting theory about the identity of Williams’s character. While some fans suspect she may be related to the Doctor, perhaps as a regeneration of Susan or Jenny, Nerdist is tossing out the theory that she may be Romana. While the expanded universe had Romana return to Gallifrey and become Lord President, how well the expanded universe canon meshes with the TV’s has always been a bit fuzzy.

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Or, as is very likely the case, she’s a new character introduced for an episode or two. Until we know more, it’s all speculation.
newalienBut when Doctor Who returns to TV on September 19th, you can bet we’ll be there to see how it all unfolds.



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