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MST3K Alumni Join “Other Space”

Throughout its run, Mystery Science Theater 3000 had a number of actors and characters; Joel Hodgson gave way to Mike Nelson, Dr. Forrester was replaced by his mother, and while the robots remained the same, their actors changed over time. So while Mike, Bill, and Kevin have their hands full with RiffTrax, other cast members are joining different projects.

According to a report from Variety, Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Forrester and the original voice of Crow T. Robot) are getting shot into space again as they join Other Space on Yahoo. Other Space is described by Yahoo as “a journey in unknown space set in the early 22nd century, when the human race has mapped most of the known universe, failed to find alien life, and frankly gotten a little tired of the whole thing.”


The show boasts Paul Feig as executive producer, as well as the writer of the pilot episode. working alongside Owen Ellickson. Also in the cast are Karan Soni, Eugene Cordero, Milana Vayntrub, Conor Leslie, Neil Casey, and Bess Rous. Although the parts for Hodgson and Beaulieu are not currently known, Beaulieu will once again provide the voice to a robot (no word on bad movies or mad scientists in bright green lab coats, though). tracebeaulieu

While we can look forward to Other Space launching in Spring 2015, MST3K fans can still catch old episodes on Vimeo, which released 80 episodes after striking a deal with Shout! Factory. More old episodes can be found on Netflix, and the RiffTrax features can be found on Hulu and

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