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Rumor: Legend of Zelda to be Adapted For Netflix

Nintendo fans remember the Legend of Zelda cartoon, though whether or not it’s fondly is another story. In more recent memory is a fan-made LoZ movie trailer on IGN, which was surprisingly well-received by fans. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, we’ll get a true Legend of Zelda show, made for Netflix.

WSJ reports that the show, simple titled Zelda, is described as a Game of Thrones for a more family-friendly viewership. (Though both do feature swords and sorcery, it is pretty hard to imagine a Zelda equivalent of the Red Wedding, and Link has yet to score with the princess, in contrast to all the sex scenes in GoT.)

Currently, there is no official confirmation, so this is still to be considered a rumor. There is no writer or cast announced yet, so we have no word on when to expect anything. However, Netflix is said to be working closely with Nintendo, which may be good news.

Fans are currently skeptical, given the track record with adaptations of video games, particularly those from Nintendo (see: Super Mario Bros. The Movie). Still, I’ll refrain from judgement until there is any more news, or if this all turns out to be unfounded rumors.

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Should this come to fruition, what would you like to see in a Legend of Zelda series? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let us know!

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