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Rush Hour Becomes a Series

It feels like Rush Hour 3 was yesterday, but after seven short years, it turns out that it will be an action series for Warner Bros. TV. with Bill Lawrence (‘Scrubs‘) and Brett Ratner (‘Rush Hour’) serving as showrunners and producers. This works as good and bad news seeing as that might put to end the idea of a Rush Hour 4, which is not too surprising since Rush Hour 3’s budget was about 140 million dollars and it barely recovered its budget.

However, the story’s core will be the original premise of Rush Hour with a Hong Kong officer, who plays by the rules, and a laid back LA street smart cop. And that is what brought fans in for the first movie that not only made almost four times its budget for the first Rush Hour. That alone might make it worth a look after the dismal performance of Rush Hour 3.


Hopefully, it gives something more than what was given in the most recent installment of the trilogy. Clearly, the immortal Jackie Chan cannot be replaced in any way, nor can the dynamic of Chris Tucker and Chan will never exactly be replicated; on the other hand, one will have to see where it goes to say whether this could be a successful series. One can hope, and I will be giving it a fair chance to succeed.

Source: Boomstick Comics

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