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‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ Canon Once Again

It looks like more Star Wars Legends Lore is becoming canon once again. As most fans of the franchise know when Disney bought Star Wars they made much of the Expanded Universe noncanon, especially when it came to the hit ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ series. Events such as the Mandalorian Wars was considered noncanon lore which angered many fans.

In a recent episode of the animated series (Trials of the Darksaber) ‘Star Wars Rebels’ it apparently seems it’s becoming canon again with the character Kanan Jarrus telling Sabine Wren that, “History lesson: the Jedi won the war with Mandalore.”

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It suggests that the Mandalorian Wars from the Old Republic game did indeed happen, which opens the door for Darth Revan to exist once again. It’s also a nice call back to the Clone Wars animated series where we saw a mural with what looked to be Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. We really hope that this is the case. Or if at worse Disney is cherry picking from the rich lore of the game, which still means we still got hope. At the very least it seems like the new gatekeepers of the galaxy far far away are listening to what the fans want. What other Expanded Universe lore are you guys hoping to see become official again?

[Source: Game Rant]

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