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Here Alone is exactly the kind of movie we look for to include in our Upstream series. The overlooked, forgotten, and underrated movies that lurk on the many online streaming services just waiting for someone to uncover them! Here Alone premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016 and had a limited US release in 2017. It has mixed average reviews, but still holds some value when it comes to fulfilling your late night movie watching needs.

Lucy Walters as Ann and Shane West as Jason in HERE ALONE. Cinematographer: Adam McDaid

The plot is what you would expect from a doom and gloom post apocalyptic zombie flick. Unfortunately the pacing is pure granite. I did enjoy the very serious take on the subject matter and the lack of any unnecessary “jump scares” present in so many of these types of movies. The acting was solid helmed by the lead Lucy Walters (Power, and the upcoming Tesla movie) and with a surprisingly short appearance by Shane West (Gotham, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Get Over It). Adam McDaid‘s wonderful cinematography made the most out of the wonderful location and lighting available. As cold and depressing as the movie was, there was still a beauty to the way it was shot. The director, Rod Blackhurst, who worked with McDaid on the Amanda Knox documentary, pulled exceptional performances out of the entire cast. It takes a strong director to not only get balanced acting out of the whole cast, but to also get their best work is something special. The saving grace of this movie is the solid sell everyone gave the material. I look forward to seeing more work by him.

Here Alone is intense if not a little slow.

My overall impression was positive, but while the acting was stellar, the plot was a bit lacking. Nothing new was really brought to the zombie/post apocalyptic genre that has now be tread and retread so many times. The very mention of the infected was ominous, stating they were something other than human. I was hoping for some extreme departure and maybe the virus had turned it’s victims into some sort of crazy mutations. However when the zombies were finally revealed, they turned out to be nothing more than dirty humans with poor eating habits. The film was obviously made on an extremely limited budget and they did manage to make it NOT look like it was cheap. If you are a fan of zombie films and want something that isn’t played for laughs or cheap scares, then give Here Alone a shot.

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