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Upstream: In the Tall Grass on Netflix

Here is a mini review for the uniquely terrifying In the Tall Grass released in early October of 2019. Based on a novella (aren’t they ALL based on novellas?) by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. Netflix acquired the rights in 2018 and fast-tracked the film with director Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) who was interested in producing the film as early as 2015. Natali had this to say.

“Who would think that grass could be frightening? Trust Stephen King and Joe Hill to find a way. They have transformed an otherwise innocuous Kansas field into a stage for some of the most disturbing horror fiction I have ever read.”

In The Tall Grass – Laysla De Oliveira – Photo Credit: Netflix

The film stars mostly “actors you have to look up on IMDB” in addition to Patrick Wilson (Ocean Master from Aquaman. Not that there is anything wrong with any of the performers, in fact everyone did an amazing job. The movie is set in Kansas but filmed in Ontario Canada. The film shares a little bit with other King stories like Children of the Corn,1408, and The Shining. He likes the trope of people being endlessly trapped with no apparent means to escape.

Just like a dad to not want to ever ask for directions when you are lost.

I’m going to keep this review short as there is really nothing more to say other than the film is great and is well worth a slot in your Halloween Movie Marathon schedule. The production values were tight, acting was on point and believable, and the story is beyond creepy. Every time a film makes you gasp and put your hand over your mouth you KNOW it’s good!

By the way, I could swear there was a short story by King about people who kept going into a room (bathroom?) and disappearing. Eventually this escalates and the police and even the military are called in, but no one who goes in ever comes out. There were parallels to this story, and I wanted to cite it, but couldn’t find any info on it. Anyone know of the story I’m referring to or was it just a concept he never finished?

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