Upstream: Rim of the World on Netflix

McG directs Rim of the World for Netflix

McG’s latest effort for the streaming giant Netflix is a Goonie-esque sci-fi thriller where the kids save the day. Not as retro-saavy as Stranger Things and not as kid friendly as the original Goonies (I don’t remember so many four letter words and sexual innuendos in Goonies). It is enjoyable enough for audiences of all ages.

Alex needs to get out more and experience the world….before it ends.

Rim of the World takes place at a Summer Camp where the staff seems entirely way too motivated to be believable. That’s OK, because there isn’t too much about this movie that is supposed to be believable, McG was here to have fun. As with some of Netflix’s original offerings, budget can be more restrictive than you might be used to in your usual alien invasion blockbuster, but it didn’t hurt the story too much. Some of the FX left a little to be desired and there were some obvious omissions, for example the “big climax” of the kid’s quest takes place OFF screen and we only witness their reaction to it.

Nope, not another Walking Dead spinoff…more like ID4 3.0

With a main cast this young you wouldn’t expect the actors to be so seasoned, but three of four of the main characters have long Hollywood resumes. Jack Gore (Ferdinand, The Michael J. Fox Show) plays Alex, your typical computer geek who hasn’t spent enough time outdoors. Miya Cech (The Darkest Minds, Arrow) is Zhen Zhen, a Chinese expatriate who has escaped the oppression and disappointment of her own country to travel to America. Benjamin Flores (The Haunted Hathaways, Ride Along) plays Dariush, the spoiled rich kid who is sent off to camp to slum it a little. The last leads is Alessio Scalzotto (Genius) the relative newcomer of the bunch even though he is a bit older than the rest.

The true star of Rim of the World is a sweet ’73 Mustang Mach 1!

I did enjoy the film enough to watch the whole thing…which isn’t saying too much, once I start something, I try to make a point to finish it. There was some pretty stilted dialog and the kid’s characters were fairly stereotypical. That along with the spotty FX leaves me sort of on the fence…not disappointed enough to write a funny article about how bad it is and not good enough to sing it’s praises. Check it out if you have run dry of other options, otherwise there isn’t a huge rush to watch it.

I waited the whole movie to hear this kid say, “that’s whack” and was disappointed 🙁

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