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Add Flavorful NPCs to your D&D Game

One of the most overlooked things in ‘Dungeons & Dragons‘ has to be the None Player Characters. Sure, if it’s just a shopkeep or maybe a barmaid then you might not need too much of a backstory to them. But sometimes as a DM, you need a little bit oompf and flavor.

That’s where Adaptable NPCs by Trevor Armstrong comes in. It’s an inofficial supplement that includes 70 NPCs with generic names (which you can flesh out yourself), information, stat blocks, and some really nice art. In addition to all that NPC goodness, there are also eight adventures that are available to introduce them. You can snag yourself Adaptable NPCs for $11.96 on DMs Guild.

[Source: DMs Guild]
Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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