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Ark: Awakening Is live on Kickstarter

If you are into space exploration then you will not want to miss Ark: Awakening by Skyport Games!

Introducing Ark: Awakening – Theme and Story

You awake from cryogenic sleep in a strange biodome that resembles your home planet. You have no memory of how and why you are there – apparently a temporary loss of memory is a side effect of the cryogenic sleep. You start exploring and find out that your biodome is just one of infinitely many rooms on a traveling semi automated alien space ship – the Ark. Each room is the size of a city and the Ark is the size of a planet. You explore the Ark, opening and enabling parts of the ship, you power up rooms, integrate the Ark’s technology with your own in order to advance your faction, exploit resources needed to awake the rest of your species, collect alien artifacts and investigate the reason why your faction is on the Ark.

Asymmetric Factions and Custom Meeples​. The player boards are double sided and you can play on A-side which is the same for all factions; or the B-side that offers asymmetry. There are custom meeples for each playable faction and also custom meeples for the neutral factions. 

Rooms that break the game rules. In the Ark there 30 completely different rooms representing different modules/parts of the space ship. Each room provides a different benefit to players, and some rooms, allow players to break the game rules. 

A choice to compete or collaborate. A competitive game where it makes sense to collaborate? Every room of the Ark can be used by more players or it can be hacked to be exclusively controlled and used by one player. In Ark: Awakening there are no alliances between players. Two players might cooperate in one room and fight for control in another room. It is a free-for-all, it is a puzzle to solve – should you build upon other’s work, should you be aggressive and compete for exclusive control, should you collaborate? The game does not push players to fight or collaborate … it just provides these options and players play the game as they want. Players themselves decide how to win

Tailored for both cautious and aggressive players. Players can develop their faction inside the safety of their biodome, hence avoiding interaction with other players; or players can venture “outside” to gain better benefits but also they would be risking conflict with other players. Combat exists only as an option to accomplish a mission. There is no conflict for conflict sake and usually players can complete their mission using other means than combat.

Great Replayability due to the asymmetric factionsrandom missions, random rooms and random board setup. The game has 33 different mission cards and each game each player draws a random one. 

In the Ark there are 30 completely different rooms representing different parts/modules of the Ark. Each room is unique and can be utilized differently. And each game you play with only half the rooms, returning the rest to the box for another play. 

And last, due to the random setup of the modular board, each game will offer different opportunities to play. The modular board is constructed as you play – see in “Warp 9” speed on Youtube.

Ark: Awakening by Skyport Games is live on Kickstarter! Head over to learn more and to pledge to get yourself a copy of this game!

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