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Asmodee Humble Bundle Offers 2 Dozen Digital Games

Humble Bundle, the charity site that lets users pay what they want for discounted deals on games, digital media, and more, has teamed up with Asmodee Digital for a “Play With Friends” bundle. This bundle, which benefits Partners In Health and Traveling Stories, offers up to 24 games for less than a dollar each.

The Asmodee bundle comes in three tiers. One dollar gets six digital games, including Small World 2, Carcassone, and Love Letter.

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For just under ten dollars, players can get another nine games and expansions, including Mysterium, Splendor, and Small World 2 expansions.

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For $12 or more, users can get 24 games. This includes more expansions for Carcassone, Splendor, and Small World 2, plus extra games like Scythe.

As it is a Humble Bundle, purchasers are free to pay as much or as little as they like. The minimum cost to get anything is just $1, and users can get the entire bundle for as low as $12. Of course, those feeling generous are welcome to pay more.


Each game is available for a variety of platforms, but all of them can be played on Steam.

For board game fans who are stuck inside and unable to meet up with friends to play, this Humble Bundle could provide a great opportunity to get games in while still staying safe. Check out the Asmodee Digital Humble Bundle, get some friends together online, and have fun.

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