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atommix :: Game of Art & Science

atommix :: Game of Art & Science is heading into it’s final days of the Kickstarter campaign! atommix is a “strategic card game combining art and science to visually portray 118 elements of the periodic table – the building blocks of reality.”


atommix :: is a Card Game visually portraying the 118 Elements of the Periodic Table, allowing Players to experience true chemistry through visual storytelling! Our primary goal for the game is to make the Periodic Table approachable for children as well as adults, while exploring a creative way to educate ourselves and the next generation. The 42 Card Royal Pack, including 34 Elements and 6 action cards, comes neatly packaged in a hardcover “Boom Box”, nestled alongside the Complete Rule Book, allowing Backers access to the most abundant Elements.    


Download (WIP) Rulebook for atommix :: Help Construct the Game

LEVEL 1 is the simplest, where the goal is to experience the Elements by Family. An Element family is a set of Elements sharing common properties. This is a useful way of looking at the Periodic Table with a fresh point of view, and it helps us remember the Elements and their families the more we play! It is a very quick game, between five to ten minutes, so it is perfect for a short coffee break, or as an activity with children. We also have fun shouting out the names of each Element we discard as we play.  

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LEVEL 2 adds some spice to the game. This time we are experimenting with Energy Levels. Electrons in an atom are contained in specific Energy Levels (1-7). The larger the number of the Energy Level, the more energy and mass it contains.  In the “classic” Periodic Table each row of the table represents an Energy Level. LEVEL 2 makes it easy to grasp the order of Elements from lightest to the heaviest, in a playful manor. We also introduce our 3 ACTION CARDS, which add strategy and surprise to the game!

LEVEL 3 is a whole different ballgame, well Card Game. This Level is a fun way to explore the properties of each Element, or as we like to call them “Special Effects”. By comparing the Special Effects we can find similarities between the Elements and see the correlation between the Families (the colors). The Winner is the first to score 10 Points by matching Special Effects with another. In your turn you can either gain points or disrupt and block your Opponent from gaining points. The Action Cards in this level enhance the battle between the players in reaching the Top Score.

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Level 4 is for advanced gamers and withholds the key to unlocking all of the properties of the Elements, including: Special Effect, Energy Levels and Families into one game. By being the best Card Collector and Bidder you can WIN the highest score to rule the Microworld! Battle for your chance to be Player 1 and unlock the Elements of your choice. The first to collect 6 cards in his scoring zone ends the game. But you might be surprised who will be the actual winner.

Download Print & Play Prototype of atommix :: Royal Pack Eddition (contains watermark)


Be sure to head over to Kickstarter to learn more and pledge to get a copy of this upcoming game!

atommix :: Game of Art & Science Anticipation Rating

Art - 8.5
Components - 8
Gameplay - 8


This is an anticipation rating of the game. Rating is based on the information provided. We will have a review to come shortly!

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