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Awoken Fantasy RPBG Review

We posted about the upcoming Fantasy RPBG Awoken last weekend, and now here is our full review. I will start with the copy we received is a prototype, albeit a very well put together one, so some of the components are subject to change.

About the game:

Awoken is a fantasy RPG system for 4-7 Players that homages its classic predecessors while bringing new life to the genre with modern mechanics.

Awoken focuses on deep storytelling through the fluidity of its story arcs. This is achieved through Class specific adventures and solo quests when a character levels up. Awoken’s “Open Play System” also allows for deep character personalization as Players choose weapons and increase through that weapon/magic’s specific Skill Tree.

Players also collect Item Cards along their journey, filling up their physical Inventory Boards and purchasing backpacks that can be jigsaw connected to gain more space.

How does it work?
Awoken plays like a classic RPG with dice rolling, character attributes, and unique class abilities. One player becomes the Game Master, the all knowing and all powerful overseer of the game. This player will play as all the Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) that the other players encounter, including enemies. The other players will be given a list of 10 Classes to choose from, at which point they will create their first character. Skip to [Character Creation] for more details.
Influenced by classic RPGs, Awoken takes a modern approach to the genre with an overhaul to mechanics, more streamlined gameplay, and a stronger focus on character customization.

You can learn about the game in our previous post here.



I will say if you are not big into RPGs then at first glance the sheer amount of parts to the game may look overwhelming, but trust us, they are all there to bring you a streamlined, yet very in-depth game experience! Like any good RPG, Awoken has fully customizable character sheets, rule book, enemies book, spell book, and a great story, but unlike a lot of RPGs the folks at Last Hold Games take it a step more and provide you with some great components such as their maps and player tokens the give a representation of not only the characters but the direction of view and have their own modifier cubes to show the state of players condition/health. The actual player inventory system that consists of boards item cards. The cards represented in three card sizes to show size and weight and must be placed on the inventory board appropriately. Another aspect of the game that stands apart is that any class can learn any weapon type or magic. Last Hold Games did a great job bring a classic RPG experience to the modern tabletop with their unique components and mechanics.

The Good:

  • Story
  • Art
  • Theme
  • Mechanics
  • Componets

Last Hold Games nails it with Awoken, every aspect of a classic RPG, but updated with more components that not only streamlines the game making it a great game for novice RPG players and veterans alike but adds an element that most other RPGs do not have.

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The Not So Good:

I will start with this was a prototype we played. Ok so after playing through a few hours we really did not have much “not so good” to talk about. I mean, yes we would have liked the player sheets to be on single pages as we sleeve our characters and play making changes throughout the night in dry-erase pen and making final updates at end of session and books to have been in binding, but again this is just a prototype and the finished product will have proper books, and well us liking our character sheets as individual pages is just us being picky trying to find an issue 😉


If you are looking for a unique, modern take on an RPG, or if you have not been into RPGs but love tabletop games then Awoken is a must not miss! Every aspect of the game has been very thought out and it shows. The story/lore of the game is everything you want in an RPG.

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The books and characters have in-depth information and/or customization to let you bring your characters to life how you want within the story, and there is a LOT of story here that will sure to have your game night packed with fun and adventure.

The components of Awoken are unlike others with having actual board, maps, and inventories with items being represented by cards give a modern feel to the game.


Awoken, Fantasy Role Playinf Board Game Review

Theme/Story/Lore - 9.5
Mechanics - 9.5
Components - 8.8
Gameplay - 9.5


Awoken is unlike any other RPG on the market. The game is perfect for not only experienced RPG players but beginners alike. The game brings all the classic elments you want, but also has some great new modern componets that sets it apart. If you are looking for hours of funa and adventure for your tabletop nights you will not want to miss Awoken by Last Hold Games!

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