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Blockers: The Stacking Game Review

We recently posted about the game Blockers, an upcoming stacking game from the U.K., and we are excited to say that we have had the opportunity to play it and give you our review!

Game Description:

Blockers: The Stacking Game is a fast-paced, highly competitive tabletop stacking game. You face off against as many, or as little opponents as you like, trying to get as many points as possible. You do this by building structures out of colourful wooden blocks. These structures have to match the structures on the cards that you draw. 

In blockers, you race against the clock to build as many of the formation as you can from the cards to score points.



Ok, let me start off by saying I personally loved this game! To be as impartial as we could we had a few of our crew play the game including nephews ages 6, and 8 years old. We averaged everyone’s thoughts on the game together to provide this review.

The Good:

  • Easy setup
  • Fast paced
  • Colorful components
  • Lots of cards with different skill levels

The Not So Good:

  • The only complaint anyone had was that the dark blue and purple blocks were a bit close so the younger ones were hard for them to quickly grab the right color.


If you are looking for a fun, energetic game for all ages then you will want to order a copy of Blockers! The game is perfect for the casual gamer, or the hardcore competitive gamer alike! There are many different ways the game can be played, we really enjoyed playing Head-To-Head in a competition!

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Be sure to head over to Kickstarter to order yourself a copy now!

Also be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming gameplay videos!

Blockers: The Stacking Game Review

Gameplay - 9.3
Blocks - 8.1
Cards - 8.6
Timer - 7
Excitement - 9.3


Blockers: The Stacking Game is a family fun fast-paced game that will have you yelling with excitement and leaves you wanting to play more after the first time the timer stops.

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)
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