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Canine Kleptomaniacs Review

If you are a dog lover or just a fan of the silly hijinx dogs plays, then you will want to check out the game Canine Kleptomaniacs. Canine Kleptomaniacs is a quick-paced card game for two to four players about dogs stealing thing and stashing them.

About Game:

Dogs stealing stuff – in a card game

Pilfer your way to doggy victory in this quirky, light-hearted, all ages card game that mixes set collection, trading, hand management and take-that gameplay with pooch-related silliness and skulduggery. 

Build sets of Collectables in hand and ‘hide’ them before they’re pinched from you in a bid to score the most Pooch Points

Decide if, when and what to trade to obtain sets or Hiding Places

Experience highs and lows with game-changing Action cards and high stakes die rolls

Trick opponents into taking the dreaded Poo Pizza 

Celebrate as you get The Ultimate Paw of Pilferage, then gasp as it’s snatched from you.

Rather like the average faithful family hound, this game is both gloriously simple, loveable and a faithful companion that will follow you everywhere!

How To Play:

Hey, hey, what it’s like to play?  

You’ll be trying to make up and hide sets of Squeaky Toys, Mangled Old Shoes, Golden Y Fronts and all manner of other pongy titbits to score the most Pooch Points.

You’ll be trying to bluff other players into taking this revolting splat off you to avoid going down 30 Pooch Points at the end of the game! 

You’ll celebrate as you’re endowed with the power of the Ultimate Paw of Pilferage and then protest loudly as it’s nabbed from you. 

You’ll encounter Fishy Blasts, Flaky Back Crumbs and Fluffy Rumbles.


When we first heard about Canine Kleptomaniacs we thought, oh that might be fun, wonder what makes it stand out over the other 5 games about dogs that just hit KS. Then we were given the opportunity to play it, and we loved every minute of the game! The game starts off with players playing as the doggos trying to make sets of items such as socks and underwear. Each player receives a “hiding spot” card, and 5 “collectibles” cards and a randmom “dog” card. The rest of the cards are set in the middle of the table in individual decks; Action, Collectible, & Master Bedroom. The game is played in one round, which ends when the Action deck has been used up. Players then perform one of the following:

  • Take an Action card, carry out its action and then discard it.
  • Lay down (Hide) one or more sets of Collectables cards on your Hiding Place(s)
  • Swap previously hidden Collectables cards with a new set from your hand.
  • Swap a previously hidden set from one to another of your Hiding Places.

The winner is the doggo who has the most points of items hiding at the end of the game.

The Good:

The small footprint, Canine Kleptomaniacs takes up very little space and is easily travelable. The game’s theme is perfect for the young crowd or dog lover alike! If you ever raised a puppy, the theme nails its! The rules, once you get past the unfolding and potential overwhelming size, are easy to follow and filled with lots of information that make the game easy to play. The art may seem simple, but fits the theme and gameplay perfectly!

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The Not So Good:

The one “Not So Good” we found was probably the rules, not that they are not clear and easy enough to understand, but the “brouchure” style foldout can be a bit overwhelming at first. Once you start playing they are easy to follow and understand and packed filled with information.


Canine Kleptomaniacs is a fun, lightweight travel size game perfect for any group. We highly recommend the game!

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Canine Kleptomaniacs

Gameplay - 8
Art/Components - 7.5
Theme - 9
User Rating: 3.8 ( 1 votes)
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