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Carroll County Cake Swap Review

Ok, by now you all know I am big into cooking, and when we had the chance to review Carroll County Cake Swap from Jealous Cat Games. I jumped on the opportunity.

Game Description:

Put on your apron and grab your mixing bowls as you vie for ribbons in the cake decorating contest at the Carroll County Fair. Create the tallest, most beautiful cakes by stacking layer upon layer of frosted sweetness.

Will you go slow and steady to create a few cakes with extreme precision? Or rush to submit your cakes ahead of the competition?

Draw or draft cards to build cakes up to five layers tall. Elbow your opponents to get the types of cake (chocolate or vanilla) and frosting flavors (five fruits, plus a wild) you need to win ribbons in six categories. Only one player may win each ribbon, so you’ll have to swipe, swap, and squeeze your way to victory. Some ribbons are worth more than others, so choose carefully which ones you go for in this race to out maneuver other contestants.

Carroll County Cake Swap comes to Kickstarter July 25, 2019.

Getting Cards: Each turn, you’ll either press your luck by drawing the top card of the deck, or draft a visible card that someone else has passed on using. You don’t have to play the card you drew, but if you pass on it, you make it available for someone else. And it might just be the very card they need to complete the perfect cake!

Ribbons: The easiest ribbons to get are worth fewer points. The ribbons that are worth the most may take some time to acquire – time your opponents will use to snatch up other ribbons! Choose your strategy wisely, keep an eye on your opponents, and be prepared for last minute changes to your plan.

Trickery: Need some extra help? Use your three action cards to thwart the competition or boost the quality of your cake! A swipe card lets you steal from another player. Swap lets you exchange a layer you’ve already placed with a different one. And squeeze lets you sneak a larger layer under a smaller layer. Feeling really strategic? Combine them to really sweeten your victory!

Game Information:

Featuring Carroll County Cake Swap, a fast paced card game of cake making, sorting, and sabotage. Coming to Kickstarter – July 25, 2019!
Players: 2-6
Time: 10-30 min.
Age: 8+
Mechanics: Card tiling, card drafting, pattern building


To start off with we loved the theme, and so did my nephews 🙂 The art is exactly what you would expect for the theme and age range. The game has a fun fast pace. This is a great game to get the young ones into card drafting mechanics and teaching patterns.


The Good:

  • Fast-pace
  • Art
  • Theme
  • Mechanics

The Not So Good:

  • Not much really, if we had to say anything about the game was “Not So Good” it would have to be we wish the award mats were a bit thicker material.


If you are looking for a family friendly game then Carroll County Cake Swap from Jealous Cat Games is for you. The game has a fun theme, good art, and i sure to be loved by the younger gamers!

Carroll County Cake Swap Review


Carroll County Cake Swap is a great fast-paced game, with a fun theme. Perfect for getting the young family members into learning card drafting mechanics of game, and pattern matching.

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