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Chicken Heist Is Heading To Kickstarter

Chicken Heist, by Fourtato Games, is not your average card game.
Chicken Heist is a push-your-luck, “high risk reward” card game for 3-8 players where you are in the middle of a bank robbery.


Your crew is on a high risk high reward bank heist. The goal of this mission is get away with the most loot possible. Tools will be given to ensure your success. Be on guard for dangers and traitorous chickens! Lastly, make sure to keep an eye on the getaway truck or risk getting left behind!


7x Base Event Cards

7x Variable Event Cards

12x Character Cards

24x Decision Cards

30x Loot Cards

1x Truck Card

1x Leader Card

40x Action Cards

8x Player Help Cards


The player who has the highest total loot value at the end of the game wins!

If that video and the information does not have you excited enough, be sure to head over to Chicken Heist’s page and learn more!


Also, be sure to come back tomorrow and check out the live Kickstarter page to learn all about Chicken Heist fun game.

While we wait to review the game ourselves, you can check out Quackalope‘s overview of the game below:

Chicken Heist

Background/Lore - 7.8
Art/Components - 8.5
Replay-ability - 9
Rules/Mechanics - 7.8


Anticipation Rating

This is an anticipation rating based off of information provided. We will have a full review soon, so stay tuned!

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User Rating: 4.1 ( 1 votes)
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