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CoreBall Is An Upcoming Science Fiction Miniatures Game You Will Want To Keep An Eye On

If you are into tabletop miniatures or science fiction then you will want to check out the upcoming game CoreBall. In CoreBall “players will grapple, push, hack and steal their ways to victory on an ever-changing floating board.” The game is developed by Burning Games and Big Child Creatives and will launch on Kickstarter This April 16th!

CoreBall: The Zero Gravity SportTM is a team sport played between two or three teams of up to five flyers with one or more balls. It is watched by 250 billion spectators in over 200 free planets and colonies, making it the universe’s most popular sport and an unquestionable source of pride for the enterprising Corvo species.

The origins of coreball trace back to the EVA operators who constructed the Dyson Ring of Tiantang – the Corvo capital. During the construction of this megaloproject, workers – mostly of the human species – used to play what could be defined as an archaic version of coreball.

The modern high-speed, high-tech variant owes its existence to the visionary investors who saw beyond the rudimentary workings of the original pastime and transformed it into an organized competitive sport, which means coreball is in essence a modernized version of human sports of old.

The violent and frantic gameplay and the stunning looks of the players make coreball matches mesmerizing events that shut down a good chunk of the universe for their duration. It’s so devastatingly popular that many people spend all their time and savings following their favourite team or players. As a matter of fact, coreball players are among the most famous people in the Universe, and their daily lives are a literal reality show that can be seen by anyone willing to pay.

For all of these reasons and many more, CoreBall is the greatest sport in the universe.

Game Description:

A thrilling sports game with flying miniatures in an ever-changing board!

CoreBall: the Zero Gravity sport will launch on Kickstarter next April 16th

CoreBall is a science fiction miniatures board game for 2-4 players developed by Burning Games and Big Child Creatives where players will grapple, push, hack and steal their ways to victory on an ever-changing floating board. It will launch on Kickstarter next April 16th.
High stakes on an ever-changing floating board CoreBall pits two to four players in a strategic match for the control of the ball while they avoid asteroids and other space hazards. Each player controls a unique team of flyers formed by a mixture of named characters and mercenaries to shape the ultimate strategy.
Matches take place in a 4×4 grid that changes every round, forcing players to think on their feet and adapt their strategies on the go! Additionally, each round flyers will accumulate inertia; at the end of the round, they’ll have to move as many squares as inertia they have. They may be forced to end up in a dangerous square!


Game board


The board is a layered board with a clear top and a cardboard base. It supports the flyer miniatures, the ball and other tokens while allowing the circuit sheets placed under the clear top to be changed every round.

Circuit sheets

Circuit sheets are 4×4 square grids that represent one section of a circuit. Each circuit has its own type of sheets. A match takes place in a single circuit; use only sheets that share the same background.

Circuit cards

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Circuit cards are used to randomly select the circuit where each match takes place. Each circuit has its own card.

Flyer miniatures

The flyer miniatures are the representation of each flyer on the game board.

Flyer cards

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The flyer cards hold all the necessary information to use each flyer throughout a match. The front side shows the regular state of each flyer, while the back side shows their wounded state.

Playing cards

The playing cards are used to resolve confrontations between flyers (grappling, dodging…). They have a number to help determine the winner of the confrontation, and a text effect that can be applied in certain situations.

Ball tokens


In CoreBall, you score by retaining control of one or more balls. Ball tokens are used to designate which flyer carries each ball at any given point during the match, or the square where the ball currently is.

Victory points dials

The victory points (VP) dials are used to keep track of the amount of victory points each player has at any given time. At the end of the fourth round, the player with the most victory points wins.

First player token

The first player token is used to keep track of who is the first player at any given time.

Momentum tokens

Momentum tokens represent the drift flyers gain in certain situations – such as going through a railgun. When a flyer gains momentum, place the corresponding momentum token on the flyer’s card to represent it.

Hacked tokens

CoreBall suits are highly technological pieces of equipment that, under the right circumstances, can be hacked by skilled opponents to stop their movement capabilities. When a flyer is hacked, place a hacked token on their card to represent it. One hacked token is removed from each flyer at the end of his respective activation.

Tired tokens

Some terrain elements and other in-game effects can cause a flyer to become tired. Tired flyers can still move, but they cannot perform actions. When a flyer becomes tired, place a tired token on their card to represent it. One tired token is removed from each flyer at the end of his respective activation.

Limited tokens

Some flyers have abilities that can only be used a certain number of times per round. When a flyer uses one of these abilities, place a limited token on their card to keep track of the number of times the ability has been used.

Special effect tokens

            Some flyers have unique abilities that require them to use special effect tokens (such as bombs or portals). Each of these flyers has their own tokens that can be placed on the board or on their card to keep track of their effects.

            Grappling token

            Throughout the course of a CoreBall match, flyers may subdue others with grappling actions. When a flyer grapples another flyer, use a grappling token to represent it by interlocking their transparent base stands together with the token.

Terrain tokens

            To make the matches more entertaining for the audience, CoreBall circuits are filled with all kinds of hazards, and certain flyers are able to place even more obstacles to hinder their opponent’s progress. Such hazards include kinetic barriers, railguns, and many others that are often represented in the circuit sheets themselves, but can also be placed on top of the board using their corresponding tokens.


Be sure to follow along with CoreBall, and learn more about this upcoming game on their official website.

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