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COVER YOUR KINGDOM Is A Party Game You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

If you are like us then you love a good “party game,” and you will love the new game Cover You Kingdom by Grandpa Beck’s Games.

Game Information:

Grandpa Beck’s Games is a simple to learn card game that is hours of fun! In CYA you set up by giving each player their own Kingdom board, deal each person 6 cards, then set the reaming cards in the center of the table flipping the top card over to set up the discard pile. The goal of the game is to have the richest kingdom in the end. To do this players will build sets of two matching cars and play them on their Kingdom Board in the corresponding habitat, shown by the icon on the card and board. You have the option to play a pair from your hand or play cards against others to try and steal cards from them.



The Good:

All of it. Let’s start with the theme, if you are into fantasy games you will love CYK. CYK is filled with incredibly fun art and silly puns. Cover Your Kingdom has a good base mechanics you would expect for a card game, yet involves a good bit of strategy that will surely excite both new and experienced gamers alike. Although being a card game there is a lot of “luck of the draw,” Cover Your Kingdom balances that out very well with strategy and action cards.

The Not So Good:

Honestly, we have nothing negative to say. The game delivers on everything you could want from a pun-filled cutthroat “party game.”

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If you are a fan of fantasy, wonderful art, puns, and cutthroat style card games, then Cover Your Kingdom is the game for you! CYK is sure to bring excitement to any game night.

Cover You Kingdom Review

Art - 9
Gameplay - 9
Components - 8.5
Lore - 9


We recently received a review copy of Cover You Kingdom by Grandpa Beck's Games and have to say, this is one fun "party game" filled with great humor, strategy, and puns you do not want to miss out on!

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User Rating: 3.68 ( 2 votes)
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