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Dungeons & Dragons Live Announces “Rime of the Frostmaiden” Adventure

The D&D Live 2020 event is well underway, and the first major announcement has been revealed: a new adventure book titled “Icewind Dale: Rime for the Frostmaiden.”

The cover for this adventure was previously revealed through leaks, but now it’s official. Taking place in the frozen northern lands of Icewind Dale, the new adventure is a horror-themed quest focusing on “isolation, paranoia, and secrecy.”

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The campaign will embrace the cold and dangerous environment of Icewind Dale. Chris Perkins explained that the book can be run as one piece or broken into smaller pieces, enabling a lengthy campaign or a series of one-off adventures. (This may be particularly helpful for D&D Adventurers League players, where adventures are typically run as one-off modules.)

Auril, the Frostmaiden, appears as a massive, horned winter owl, as featured on the cover. However, she can take multiple forms, so there will be a range of stat blocks for her. Auril is a lesser deity and the main antagonist of the adventure, described as a Hela-like figure.

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Along with new monsters and quests, the book adds a survival element. Players need to survive the cold, find food and shelter, and even fish for knucklehead trout (a staple of Ten-Towns). There are several sports and games that players can enjoy within the game, such as a traditional sport played by goliaths.

“Rime of the Frostmaiden” will be released September 15, 2020.


D&D Live 2020: Roll With Advantage is set to feature a number of games, with guest stars ranging from professional wrestlers to the cast of Game of Thrones. It also includes looks at upcoming video games, such as new footage and gameplay from Baldur’s Gate 3 that shows off the controls, graphics, and storyline.

The charity has already raised over $32,000 for Red Nose Day, and the event has only begun. From Thursday, 6/18 until Saturday, 6/20, there will be more games and announcements on the way.

Keep an eye on G33k-HQ for more D&D news throughout the weekend!

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