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E3 2015

traci e3 sculptureThis past week was the annual E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California. It is a three day event that covers the hottest and newest in video game culture. This year over 52,000 people attended from all over the world for a chance to see the newest games up close and get a chance to play them before the public. It’s a huge convention with a lot of gaming companies all ready to one up each other on the gaming field.

Just being on the floor is overwhelming, it is reminescent of San Diego Comic Con. Every company has a giant booth and there are huge screens showing you game play of the newest games. It was fun to walk around the floor seeing all the different companies. I spent a lot of time at Activision, 2K Games, and Nintendo. I enjoyed playing all of the games I got the chance to play.


I played Yoshi’s Wooly World every single day because they were giving out patches. I played Skylanders because I love Spyro and Bowser ( I have a whole article for it to be up soon.) I really loved the game play for BattleBorn and the super awesome giant statues of the characters at their booth.

traci e3 skylandersThe one thing about the expo I did not like was the fact that every single day it was a mad rush to get a chance to get in a 4 hour line to play a game for 20 minutes. I really wanted to see Disney Infinity and every morning before the floor even opened the line was closed at an 8 hour block. I got in line twice but after an hour of no movement I left the line, knowing there was no way I was getting into see the game.

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I was lucky to get in line early for Skylanders and I got to play the game as Bowser. It was super cute and I am a huge Skylander and Nintendo fan. I was excited to get the car and an air freshener after playing. I know I willing be adding it to my Skylander collection.

Some of the best parts of the conventions was hanging out with my friends. A lot of my friends were at the convention as guests of different video game companies. We got to play games together and eat and talk.

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I will be adding an Giveaway shortly that will start today of some cool swag I got from E3. I also added a photo of the adorable baby shirt I bought for my cat..

Did you watch any of the streams? Which were your favorite games? What are you most looking forward too?




Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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