Elder Scrolls: a Link to Skyrim

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Game mods are nothing new, and it’s well known that the right mods can completely change the game you’re playing. Redditer Promarksman117 says there are 200 mods at work to give us the above image.

Moddability is increasingly become a defining factor of modern Computer Roleplaying Games (even games which might balk at the title, or see their player base do so, such as Saints Row IV). In the era of “Incomplete in the Package” games being supplemented by company-made mods, also known as DLC, mods are being used by the players to enhance the experience, whether they’ve bought the DLC or not.

Just seeing the above makes me even more interested in trying to get my five year old computer to run Skyrim and learn modding, just so I can import some of my favourite D&D homebrew material into it.

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