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Here is a game perfect for playing with the young ones, ELEMENTOS by TYTO Games.


At first glance of Elementos, we kind of thought it was going to be just a reskin of checkers, but we were wrong. Elementos does have the familiarity of the classic checkers game but brings a fun new strategy to it. The game is played by players setting up their side of the board by selecting any combination of elements being displayed, and putting their wand in the middle one. Players can move their pieces across the board in any direction, except backward, one space at a time. You can also move your wand in the same matter between your pieces. The goal of the game is to move your wand to the other side of the board first. When players pieces meet, they can overtake each other according to the elements. Fire takes the tree, the tree takes water, and water takes fire. On your turn, you can either move a piece, your wand or flip over a pice to change its element.


The Good:

We did enjoy how easy the game is to pick up, fast to learn for adults and kids alike. The theme of using elements is fun and brings a level of strategy to the game.  The games component, although simple are well done, sturdy and look brilliant for the theme. 

The Not So Good:

The only “Not So Good” we had with the game was the box itself. The latch on the box is very lightweight and ours basically fell apart after opening it. Puttin it back on was as simply placing the tab back into place but it is not the safest lock so we recommend you be sure to keep the outer paper sleeve for the game to be sure it stays closed.

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Elementos is a fun, fast-paced simple strategy game perfect for playing anytime. The art is perfect, the components are nice and sturdy and the rules are straightforward and simple to learn, making the game perfect for kids.





Gameplay - 7.4
Components - 6.5
Art - 6.5
Replay-ability - 8
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