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Event: GDC 2018 Brings the Latest in Gaming

The Game Developer’s Conference once again took place in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, bringing with it the latest innovations in gaming. From large studios to independent developers, all aspects of video games were on display over the week.

There were a few exhibit halls, but the largest among them had the largest names in video games present. Playstation, Xbox, and more all had large areas set up, where people could try out their newest and upcoming games, watch people play “Fortnite” on a large television screen, or get free snacks, t-shirts, and the occasional drink.


However, smaller studios had booths of their own, showing off their new innovations. The technology on display ranged from streaming services to graphics engines, and every other aspect of gaming one could think of, so no matter what part of the industry one was interested in, they could find something relevant there.

Of course, virtual reality remains a big subject. There were several areas were people could try out new VR games, including shooting games offering a full range of movement, and a “Rocky”-inspired boxing game inside an actual boxing ring. Oculus had its own area, where people waited in line to try out the VR technology and the latest games for it.

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Yet GDC also celebrates innovation, and it had another hall set aside for that. Along with the “Day of the Devs” area, there was a section set up to honor the best independent developers of the past year, as well as a miniature museum of video gaming history, complements of MAGFest.

When it comes to innovation, though, nothing was more interesting than the alt.ctrl.GDC area, where all sorts of unique controllers and games were on display. One game involved pouring virtual drinks from real bottles, another used a large ball covered in lights – one was even a combination of video game and puppet show!

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For industry members and those interested, there were panels covering all areas of gaming. From stories of development to looks at the technology powering the games, panel rooms were filled with a wide array of subjects, for fans and professionals alike.

Last but not least, the conference honored the best in gaming with 18th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” took home the “Game of the Year” prize, as well as “Best Audio” and “Best Design,” although “NieR:Automata” was the “Audience Award Winner.” “Cuphead” managed to win “Best Debut” and “Best Visual Art,” with “What Remains of Edith Finch” taking “Best Narrative” and “Gorogoa” winning both the “Innovation Award” and “Best Mobile Game.”


The Game Developer’s Conference continues to be a can’t-miss event for all those in the game industry or hoping to get their start in it. While it lasted the full week, there was so much to do and see that one would need that time to take in everything. One thing is for certain, though: the world of gaming is only going to grow bigger in 2018 and beyond.

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