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Five Reasons Why You Should Always Bring Drop It To Game Night

At first glance I didn’t know what to think of Drop It. Different shapes of wood being dropped into a plastic sleeve-like contraption? It looked like a gamer-fied version of the classic Price Is Right game, Plinko. But without any prizes to win, how could this be any fun?

My worries were all for naught, though; my gaming buddies and I were instantly hooked as the pieces stacked up and the scoring opportunities increased. We hooted and hollered as we made bold drops or landed seemingly impossible-to-balance pieces.


Since that first game Drop It has become one of the mainstays of our game nights. Now, I never leave home without it. Why? Five simple reasons.

Easy to Learn 

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If you’ve ever watched the Price is Right, then the main mechanism will be familiar. Players try to score the most points by dropping their various shapes into the Plinko-esque upright board.

On your turn, select one of your pieces and drop it into play, then score the number of points listed on the section you landed in. However, if your piece is touching another one of your pieces or is touching the same shape as an opponent’s piece, you score nothing. Don’t forget about the sides of the play area, too; if you touch those with the same color or shape shown, you’ll score nothing.

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Quick to Play

The box says it can take up to 30 minutes to play, but I’ve played nearly 20 times and most games last between 10 and 15 minutes. You’re not crunching numbers or trying to figure out your most optimal move. Just grab a piece and drop it!


Of course, it’s not that simple, either. You’re looking for that perfect spot where you’ll score the most points while making sure your shape doesn’t land on a similar shape or one of your own pieces.

Solid Components

Perfectly cut, solid wood pieces and a sturdy plastic board that will last for years. Bring this to your next family gathering and it’ll be the hit of the party. And with such solid construction you won’t worry about any pieces breaking if they fall off the table.

Fun for All Ages

This is where I underestimated Drop It: it looks like a kids’ game, but it’s an absolute blast for adults, too. It’s a terrific choice on a game night when you’re playing more complex strategy games; either between games or as a way to warm up beforehand or wind down after all of that brain burn.

Two Words: Table Presence

Set up Drop It anywhere you go and you’ll immediately draw a crowd wondering what you’re playing. It’s a unique look that attracts gamers and non-gamers alike. Hand them a piece and get ready for a fun 15-minute game that usually ends with a call for a rematch. Like Plinko, Drop It will be part of your regular gaming rotation for years to come.

Thanks to Kosmos for providing a review copy of Drop It.

Ruel Gaviola is a regular contributor to Geek & Sundry, The Five By, iSlaytheDragon, and other sites. His name rhymes with Superman’s Kryptonian name. You can find him talking about board games on Twitter or Instagram.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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Ruel is a writer based in Southern California. He loves board games, books, cooking, traveling, Star Wars, and date nights with his wife. He writes for Geek & Sundry and iSlaytheDragon, podcasts for The Five By, and his name rhymes with Superman’s Kryptonian name. Follow him on Twitter and read his blog.

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