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Game: Caffeine Gaming Broadcast Network Launches New Monetization System

You probably have heard of it, maybe even checked it out, but Caffeine Gaming Broadcast Network has added a new Monetization System. The new broadcast network is heavily aimed at gamers. Some of the highlights of Caffeine:

Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Means Real Social

Other platforms have a massive delay between the broadcaster and viewers — sometimes a full minute! Since Caffeine is insanely fast, you won’t be waiting for messages and reactions. Instead, you’ll be having frictionless conversations powered by our proprietary chat system that surfaces the best messages to create a meaningful and unique experience for each user.

Partner Program Not Required

No Partner Program Required

Caffeine makes it incredibly simple to monetize your content through the use of digital items and without the need for a partnership program. As viewers purchase digital items to participate in and enhance broadcasts, Caffeine will award broadcasters with credits based on this activity. Apply to cash out your credits for real money.

Broadcasting Is Simple

Broadcasting Made Dead Simple

Start broadcasting in just a few clicks. We built our own broadcasting software to create a powerful, simple, and fun way to engage using real-time video. Use the super simple client to broadcast a game, or just use your browser or iPhone app to broadcast yourself. No need to mess with bitrates, stream keys, IP addresses, or any other nonsense – including partnership programs.

List of supported games


list of banned games

Full Press Release:

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Caffeine Launches New Monetization System Aimed at Broadcasters in Gaming 

No partner program required – monetization is open to anyone who broadcasts on Caffeine


Redwood City, CA (May 24, 2018) — Today, Caffeine, a new social broadcasting platform and tools for games, entertainment, and other artistic content, has launched a new monetization system built around digital items. The new monetization system, which is in a “pre-release” state, will give all broadcasters using Caffeine the chance to generate revenue from the content they create.


Here is how the system works: Fans can purchase Caffeine Gold, which they will exchange for digital items during broadcasts, such as trophies or treasure chests to root for the broadcaster, or health potions to remind broadcasters they need a boost. The digital items do not interrupt the content experience like ads do – they’re an interactive, fun, and a great new part of the Caffeine experience. Caffeine awards Credits to broadcasters based on fan activity during the broadcast Broadcasters can then request to cash out the Credits for real money or redeem them for more Gold. The new system is open to everyone who broadcasts on Caffeine, and will initially roll out in pre-release state. Full cash-out options, more monetization features, items, and fun interactions will also be released in the near future.


“Our goal was to design a monetization system that is not only fun to use, but that enhances the content being shared rather than interrupting it like ads do. What’s more, we wanted to make it available to all Caffeine broadcasters, not just a select few partners,” said Ben Keighran, CEO, Caffeine. “We can’t wait to see how broadcasters start engaging with it; and we look forward to taking that early feedback and building something really fantastic for broadcasters and viewers alike.”


Caffeine’s monetization system also offers a new revenue stream for game developers. When broadcasters are playing a game on Caffeine, game developers or game publishers can earn a portion of the revenue while their games are being played by Caffeine broadcasters.


As a real-time, social broadcast platform, Caffeine focuses on the 800 million gamers and creators looking for a safer, simpler, and better way to live broadcast. People, not content, are at the center of the Caffeine experience. Users find content because of the people they follow in their social circles, and come together to share that content. Personal conversations between friends and broadcasters happen in real-time and are given preference, enabling more meaningful social engagements while disposing of toxic chatter and endless feeds of meaningless comments. Caffeine is also built on its own infrastructure, so it requires no third-party software or plug-ins. All it takes is one click for broadcasters to start delivering content and enjoying conversations with no latency, allowing them to react in real-time to questions and build stronger relationships with their fans.


The Caffeine broadcasting platform and tools are currently in “pre-release” and are available at on the web and via the iOS app.



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