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Game: Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Announced For iOS

Konami has announced that there is a new Castlevania game, Grimoire of Souls, coming to iOS.


The future where Earl Dracula completely disappeared. It seemed like eternal peace had come to the world.

However, with a single letter delivered under Araki Gensui, an end was going to be struck in the peaceful era.

“The Count of Dracula where the magic book went awry revived” In order to ascertain the meaning of the word written in the letter, Mr. Arima visited the sender of the letter ….


In addition to the familiar solo play in the series, an exhilarating battle where you can enjoy a fight with up to 4 people!
Strengthen your favorite characters and challenge your mighty enemies to stand!

Dracula GoS screenshot

Aruma Genta, the main character of this work, and Lucy who is its support role.
You can use charming characters of successive devil castle, centering on two people.


Araki gentrydecoration
A mysterious person belonging to the confidential organization of the Japanese government. Today, only a handful of people are known as their unique identity, as the only being with the ability of vs. Dracula. Although he is a beautiful person who is separated from humans, it is unfriendly and hard to approach.


A female researcher who works for research institutions against v. Dracula. Although he is young he has a high ability as a research magician, and supports the fight of Ark’s people through magic books. It is her laboratory that Mr. Arima is staying.

Al card








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