Game: Fallout Operation

Ok, this is one I have to say I want. ThinkGeek just released Fallout Operation.

Fallout Operation:



Originally, Vault-Tec aimed to have a doctor in each and every vault, to handle everything from skinned knees to life-saving operations. But knowing that not every vault assignee was going to necessarily make it into their vault on time, or that some vaults may not go according to plan (or may go according to the plan all too well), the geniuses at Vault-Tec knew they needed a backup: a training simulator to turn any vault dweller into a certified Vault-Tec surgeon Рno fancy medical degree required!

Practice your skills for delicate surgical work on Vault Boy, he won’t mind! Remove his Dogmeat Breath, fix his Nuka-Cola Knee Cap, take out his “Adam” Bomb, cure his Mister Handy cramps, and more. Do a good job and you’ll get a hefty bottle cap payout, but if you accidentally touch his insides you’ll set off the RADS meter and give him radiation poisoning!

Product Specifications

  • Fallout Operation
  • Officially-licensed Fallout version of the Operation game
  • Train like a real Vault-Tec doctor using this classic skill game
  • Custom Vault Boy game board
  • 12 Fallout “Funatomy” parts: Mister Handy, Lunch Box, Pip-Boy, Vault-Tec, Pork and Beans, Charlie Horse, Jangles, Dogmeat Breath, Power Armor Helmet, Bottle “Knee” Cap, “Adam” Bomb, and StimPack
  • For 1 or more players
  • Ages 6+
  • Play time: 10 minutes
  • Mechanic: Simulation (but not like Tranquility Lane)
  • Batteries: 2x AA (not included)
  • Includes:
    • 1 custom-designed game board featuring Vault Boy as the patient
    • 12 custom removable parts
    • Custom sound effects
    • 12 Custom “Doctor” cards
    • 12 Custom “S.P.E.C.I.A.L.-ist” cards
    • 50 Custom Fallout bottle caps money
    • Instructions

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