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Game: Guardians of Xobos

We recently came across a new game from Imagine Realm, Guardians of Xobos, that just launched their Kickstarter. Guardians of Xobos is a “Strategy game set in Sci-Fi world with unique Fog of War mechanism and dynamic gameplay with 52 miniatures! ”

About Game:


Game Testing:

The game has been under development for nearly 10 years. For the last two years, beginning in April 2017, we have carried out intense playtesting sessions of the game. In this period,we have played  over 1000 beta games with more than 120 players, including pro board  gamers, beginners, reviewers, and designers. We have visited 11 board  game conventions and 16 locals for board game enthusiasts. Many of the  playtests were based on the idea of a blind trial – players had no  previous knowledge of the game, its universe, and the origin of the  planet Xobos. Thanks to this process, we successfully adjusted the  game’s rules, balance and dynamics.


Kickstarter Exclusives:

————–——————— FUNDING GOAL ———————————-  


We have to say the game does sound interesting and like it could have some fun gameplay. If you want to learn more or back the project head over to Kickstarter.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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