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Game: Mass Effect 4 details reportedly leaked via online survey *Potential Spoilers*

The following contains mild potential spoilers for Mass Effect 4.

Leaks seem to be alarmingly common in the games industry these days, and these latest ones should, as ever, be treated with a touch of caution. Nevertheless, these latest details about BioWare’s forthcoming Mass Effect 4 at least have a ring of truth about them.

The details emerged from a Reddit user, who claimed that he took an online gaming survey, and uncovered the following information as a result:

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Mass Effect 4 will take place in the Helius Cluster, a melange of solar systems “far removed by time and space from Commander Shepard’s heroic acts.” The game will cast the player as a “pathfinder,” whose task is to travel into the Helius Cluster in search of a new planet where humanity can live.

It’s said the cluster will be four times the size of the game map from Mass Effect 3, and that there’ll be at least one entirely new alien race, too – a technologically advanced and possibly extinct species called the Remnant. Their technology, it’s said, will “determine the fate of humanity.”

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The survey goes on to say that Mass Effect 4 will include Strike Team missions, which will involve defending human settlements from attack, training your team for battle and recovering artifacts left behind by the Remnant. These missions will be single-player and multiplayer. You can also deploy AI strike teams while you’re busy completing other tasks.

There’s also talk of a Horde Mode, which will be a multiplayer feature where players are assaulted by Zapp Brannigan-like wave upon wave of enemies.


Again, we can’t know for sure that they survey’s genuine, but it’s certainly written in a convincing marketing style, and as reported by Destructoid, the leak’s said to be real by Shinobi602, someone who’s uncovered quite a lot of accurate information in the past. There are more details in the original Reddit post, which you can read here.

More on Mass Effect 4 as we get it.


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