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Game: New D&D Supplemental Adds Fun Encounters

A new FREE ( at least at time of writing this) supplemental from DM Guilds lets you add some fun encounters to your next campaign.

So, a Blind Woman and a Medusa Walk Along the Road…

From Alan TuckerChad M. LenschHarm DelvaC M O’HalloranElven TowerTony Petrecca,Beatriz T. DiasDavid McDonoughDungeon RollersGeorge SagerDuncan RhodesMorten GreisRichard Malena-WebberKarl SciberrasELF Vesala

Price Free

A treasure trove of short encountersstory hooks, and random tables
that can make that long journey to the next adventure much more interesting…
Designed for characters of all levels
If you enjoy this FREE product, please consider supporting these content creators by checking out their other works!
The authors:
Alan Tucker
Alan is a contributor and author of a number of bestselling products on the DMs Guild, including Hey, Mister, Can You Help Me? and the highly acclaimed Myriad, City of Tiers. Alan also has several fantasy and science fiction novels to his name. You can find more at
Chad M. Lensch
Chad is a contributor to Villains and Lairs. He is working on other projects to be released soon!
Harm Delva
Harm wanted to give something back to the community after years of impressing his players with stuff he mooched off the DMs Guild. This is his first ever contribution.
Ciaran O’Halloran
Ciaran is a new contributor to the DMs Guild. He is a DM, Dad, and Drama teacher.
Elven Tower
Elven Tower is a powerhouse of RPG content creation. The small indie studio has created hundreds of fantasy maps, short adventures, and DM content for three years straight.
Tony Petrecca
Tony has been DMing since the last millennium. He is the author of several critically acclaimed DMsGuild adventures. Check out his best sellers HuntedJourney Through the Center of the Underdark, and Killer Kobolds.
Beatriz T. Dias
Mostly an adventure writer, the DMsGuild has several of Beatriz’s works.
David McDonough
David is a new contributor on the DMs Guild and author of the adventures The Priest, the Witch, and the Lost Temple and Undermountain: Caverns of the Many-Legged.
Matt Vaughan (Dungeon Rollers)
Author of the Treasures of… series, featuring new magic items for use in all your campaigns. Dungeon Rollers has many new items coming in the coming months.
George Sager
George is a contributer to Storm King’s Barrows, has a credit in Kobold Press’ Creature Codex, and DMs a 5e campaign for friends when he isn’t working on one of several other projects on the go. Follow him on Twitter @GeorgeSCanada.
Duncan Rhodes
Duncan is the author of several best-selling titles on the DMs Guild, most notably Esquiel’s Guide to Magic Weapons, which brings 120 new blades, battleaxes, and bows to your game (along with a treasure trove of more fun stuff). He also blogs at
Morten Greis
Morten is a new contributor to DMs Guild, blogs at Stemmen fra ådalen and converts Danish adventures to English on DriveThruRPG.
Richard Malena-Webber
Richard is a contributor and author of many projects on the DMs Guild, including the Ravnica adventure The Tomb of Svogthosand Rise of the Champions.
Karl Sciberras
Karl’s first adventure, All in a Day’s Work, was released to the Guild in late 2018. More adventures will follow as he extracts all the stories that are rattling around in his head.
ELF Vesala
ELF is a random generator aficionado blogging at His favorite die is d10.




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