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Game: Stan Lee Has A Mobile Game Is Coming Out Called ‘Stan Lee’s Hero Command’

Stan “The Man” Lee, AKA Generalissimo, lent both his voice and likeness for the upcoming mobile game Stan Lee’s Hero Command. The game is produced by Pow Entertainment and F84.  Stan Lee helped out a bit on the game; he “consulted on the designs for the heroes and the villains.” The game will be out on March 19 for free with both iOS and Android versions.


Lee joked toMashable about the game, saying:

“I’m the commander. They should have really supplied a uniform to me,”

Stan Lee’s Hero Command is a third-person brawler for mobile devices from F84 Games and POW! Entertainment. Players will get to explore a whole new world of heroes and villains, created by legendary comic creator Stan Lee and F84 Games.



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