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Game: Star Wars Battlefront Revived?

Over the weekend of October 10th, the Star Wars Battlefront beta was open to all systems. (The actual game comes out on the 17th of November.) I took some time to try it out.

As a huge fan of the original two battlefronts I was initially disappointed when I heard what was going on with Star Wars Battlefront. I mean come on, a Star Wars Battlefront game with no space battles? One of the best things from the originals was the space battles. I would easily spend hours on a game based on just the Star Wars space battles from the first games. Then I learned that the game was being developed by Swedish Developer Dice. While over the years Dice has produced great games, I was unsure as I was not a big fan of the battlefront series after Battlefield 2142.

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The beta did not start well for me. After downloading and starting the game, it froze on me. I had to force quit it and then restart. After I finally got it to load, I was immediately prompted to access my EA account or sign up for one. While I don’t mind this, it was not something that I could just bypass to play. I understand its a beta and that they want as much data as possible, but I really hope that in the future that you can skip it if you wish.

The game play was not what I was expecting. It was still pretty true to the original games, except in the single player, where the Storm Troopers could not hit you, even if you were to kiss them on the helmet. I had a few issues with the game. So lets gut this Tauntaun.

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Supers – AKA Darthvader/Luke Skywalker – These are the only two supers in the game so far and they are way over powered. If they are using block, its guaranteed that you are dead if you use your blaster as almost every shot is deflected. Playing them is great, but you can wipe out a whole team if they are in the same area. The only deaths I have seen for them is getting crushed by the AT-AT or getting smashed by a Drop Pod.

Darth Vader Star Wars Battlefront

Troops – So the troop set up is a nice refresh from the old games. The biggest difficulty is changing your layout mid game. You have to wait till you die and then go manually set up the layout you want piece by piece. The old way was nice as you unlocked each one. But this way can be a pain.


Maps – Right now there are only 2 planets to play on. Tatooine and Hoth. A third one will be released about a month after the game called Jakku. You get early access to this by about a week if you preorder. I do not agree with this. If you are going to drop a DLC, then drop it at the same time for everyone. People who get it a week early because they had the insight to preorder gain an unfair advantage. This is the reason why there are no longer “Midnight” releases for Games unless you are on the east coast (Sorry guys and gals). And there is the possiblity that in the future, you will have to pay for more maps. While this has been the issue recently with a lot of games. It is not a fun thing when you are not offering campaigns.

Single Player/Co-op – Single Player/Co-op is not anything special. It is the same as the multiplayer, except its bots in waves rather then actual people. While this is good practice for multiplayer it needs more substance to it. A storyline would go a long way, even if its just bots in waves.

Tatooine 2

Flying – Now, this is a great feature. Flying above the battlefield in a Tie Fighter or a Snowspeeder is a fun thing to do. But you are on a rail system for the first six-eight seconds after you get into one. It makes you an easy target pretty early in your flight experience.

AT-AT From above

Vehicles – While the vehicles in the game are limited right now. Running around in an AT-AT or AT-ST is fun, but the AT-ST is taken down to easily with a rifle and grenade.


Other players – While it is fun to play with a bunch of other people. People still act like they are twelve years old. Tea bagging is still around, so expect it to happen at some point in your time playing the game.

Overall the game was fun to play and I hope that they will add space battles in the future, even if it is DLC. But as you start out, get used to getting killed and quickly.

If you are looking for the Season Pass, its now available for preorder. Be aware though, it is going for 49.99 and you are going into it blind.

Remember while your dieing that its just a game and above all have fun!



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