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Gaming: Ace Attorney 6 Announced

Ready those vocal chords of steel, because it’s time to let out that familiar cry of “OBJECTION!” Yes, the Ace Attorney series is back for a sixth game, bringing Phoenix Wright and his associates back to the 3DS.

To just call it the sixth game might not be giving it enough credit; this is the sixth game in the main series (following Phoenix Wright, Trials and Tribulations, Justice For All, Apollo Justice, and Dual Destinies), but one mustn’t forget the two Ace Attorney Investigations games, or the crossover with Professor Layton. There’s also a more recent addition to the series focusing on Phoenix’s ancestor, which has not been released in America yet.ace-attorney-6-1-656x492


Little is known about the game so far, save for a few images revealed in Famitsu. It is apparently set in a yet-unnamed country outside of Japan (or outside America, as it will be localized to), where residents believe that the spirits of the dead live among them. The magazine also introduces a character named Bokto Tsuani, a monk-in-training and part-time tour guide.


We’ll have more information on the latest addition to the Ace Attorney series as it’s made available.

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Source: First Ace Attorney 6 scans, details

Ace Attorney 6 Was Just Announced

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