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Gaming: Dungeons & Dragons Announces “Dragon Heist” Adventure

The latest D&D adventure has been announced, taking players to the city of Waterdeep in “Dragon Heist.” The new book was announced as part of the Stream of Many Eyes, but more interesting still was the lead-up to it.

Well before “Dragon Heist” was announced, D&D players were directed to a Twitter account called @Immortal4tress, where they were instructed by an account claiming to be sent by Elminster to protect an item of great power.

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Following a series of clues, they uncovered another Twitter and Yelp account which in turn directed them to ten game stores, found the famous Volothamp Geddarm incarnated in the real world, and were eventually hit with the plot twist that the @Immortal4tress Twitter account might actually be a villain trying to use them to his advantage.

That’s a lot of buildup to the new book! How it will tie in to the adventure in the book, we do not yet know.

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The book itself promises an urban adventure, exploration through Waterdeep, and several famous characters from D&D’s canon, such as the Drow mercenary Jarlaxle (seen smirking in his fancy hat on the book’s cover) and Xanathar, the crime lord Beholder and author of “Xanathar’s Guide to Everything,” who would provide the “many eyes” in the Stream of Many Eyes.

As part of the Stream of Many Eyes event, the D&D Twitch page will be showing multiple games from popular D&D streamers over the weekend, as well as other events and shows tied in to the new book’s release. You can watch the stream below:


Watch live video from dnd on

Also check out D&D Beyond’s video on “Dragon Heist” here:

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