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Gaming: Pokemon Go Adds Trainer Battles

One of the longest running requests from players of Pokemon GO was the addition of PvP Pokemon battles. Well, Niantic was listening, because the company just announced the addition of Pokemon battles to the popular mobile game.

The PvP battles are done in 3 on 3 Pokemon battles, with each player selecting from their Fast and Charged Attacks. New Charged Attacks will also be available, along with a limited-use Protect Shield to block oncoming attacks. Players who battle will receive rewards like evolution items whether they win or lose.


While normally battles require players being nearby, Best Friends and Ultra Friends can battle remotely, so even players who are remote or at home can battle friends when they feel the need. Or if there are no players nearby, they can battle against the leaders of Teams Mystic, Valor, and Instinct.

In order to maintain an even playing field for players of all experience levels, there are three different battle “leagues,” each with different CP restrictions. Great League is for Pokemon with 1500 CP or less, Ultra League is for 2500 and under, and Master League has no limit.

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The battles are due to launch today, so trainers can get ready to prove that they are the very best!

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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